City of Kaiserslautern

Worth living

Looking over Kaiserslautern

Strictly speaking, the city of Kaiserslautern may be a few inhabitants short of being allowed to officially call itself a metropolis. But this does not really affect the self-confidence of the people living here. Why? With the academic institutions, the hospital, as well as the numerous cultural and recreational institutions, life in Kaiserslautern offers everything one expects of a regional metropolis. The infrastructure leaves almost nothing to be desired. Just what you would expect from a metropolis.  

In addition, Kaiserslautern has evolved into the service and shopping metropolis of the Western Palatinate in recent years, thanks to short distances paired with the individual flair and charm of a manageable city. The lively city centre attracts shoppers with many boutiques and specialised shops, while the ever active retailers regularly initiate special actions.

“Real” residents of Kaiserslautern meet each other three times a week at the farmers’ market. Traders from all over the Palatinate offer fresh regional products: fine vegetables from the fertile Rhine River plain, ripe fruit from the vast plantations between the vegetable fields and the vineyards, meat from animals that graze in the Western Palatinate under conditions which are appropriate for their species, fresh venison from the Palatinate Forest, and farm-raised trout.
By the way: People in Kaiserslautern like to eat and eat well. Regardless of whether you prefer hearty traditional fare, fine regional cuisine, or international specialities: Restaurants can be found at almost every corner. The “pubscape” has also changed: Here the music club in the basement, there the noble club lounge. The city is well-known for its vibrant and diverse nightlife for a good reason. If you know the right locations, you will find a way to satisfy your hunger or your thirst 24 hours a day. Apropos: The cost of living in Kaiserslautern is very friendly to your wallet.

There is never a dull moment in Kaiserslautern. This is due not only to the numerous cultural institutions, but also to the many events taking place in the city. One of these events is the legendary Old Town Festival with more than 150,000 visitors annually. The Barbarossa festival “Swinging Lautern”, the international jazz and blues festivals at the Kammgarn Cultural Centre, the semi-annual Kaiserslautern Fair at the Messeplatz, the largest Halloween parade in Europe, the Long Night of Culture, and the NATO Music Festival have all been favourites of their fans for many years. Not to forget the different clubs and associations, which offer all kinds of fun and activities. And if you feel like going to Paris for a quick café au lait – it only takes two and a half hours by ICE/TGV train to get there.

The advantage of a “small metropolis” is obvious: Everything is there, but you can get everywhere on foot, quickly and comfortably. This is true for the doctor or the pharmacy, for running daily errands, for going up to the stadium or strolling across the Garden Fair. And should walking really be too much of a burden, there is a functioning and tight bus network, including a night bus service.

Science and technology location of international renown

The Kaiserslautern business region has a great deal to offer: a range of cultural events, various recreational and shopping facilities, a wonderful location in the midst of the alatinate Forest, cosmopolitan people, and, in particular, all the success factors essential for a company! It is no coincidence that well-positioned global players as much as successful small and medium-size companies and innovative business founders have great confidence in the promising prospects of our region.


Space, access, human resources: Available!

Technical University of Kaiserslautern

Companies wanting to settle here will find tailormade real estate – be it downtown or in attractive technology parks. And all with excellent links to rail
and motorway: Large economic centres in Germany, such as Rhein/Main, or in nearby European countries are easy to reach. Plus you will find a range of competent service providers and suppliers. Truly outstanding is the scientific infrastructure that can support your innovative processes and provide a continuous source of excellent professionals.


Where transfer of technology is part of everyday life

The Kaiserslautern city hall.

The university, the university of applied sciences, and a number of leading research facilities and institutes offer companies the opportunity to profit directly from the latest technological developments. The transfer of technology is well developed in the Kaiserslautern business region and is practised with small and medium-size companies as well. Innovations, by the way, are nothing new here: 120 years ago one of Germany’s earliest patent offices was  established here. Today the University of Kaiserslautern maintains a “Patent Information Centre” – the only one of its kind in Rhineland-Palatinate.


The Kaiserslautern region: Technology location, think tank, and a model for Germany’s future

Outside of large metropolitan areas ...

The Kaiserslautern region is situated in the crossborder biosphere reserve Palatinate Forest-Northern Vosges. Residents and guests alike find rest and an opportunity for a range of outdoor activities here. This is the setting for one of Germany’s most successful technology locations: The number of business foundations and research and technology facilities is continuously rising – leading players in the economic and science sector are the best promoters and ambassadors for our location.

Positive headlines about the Kaiserslautern region attract the attention of  decision makers in the economic and political arena.

Positive headlines from our region

• John Deere builds its European research and development centre, creating 200 jobs for highly qualified applicants.
• Heger-Ferrit constructs one of the most advanced foundries in the world for the manufacture of wind turbine parts.
• The world’s largest solar power plant consisting of thinfilm modules goes into operation on a 60,000 square metre flat roof.


... an up-and-coming location is firmly focused on the future

Tomorrow’s technologies can be found all over the Kaiserslautern region – in laboratories as well as in practical applications. With just over 100,000 residents, Kaiserslautern probably is the smallest metropolis in Germany and the regional centre for the 500,000 residents of the western Palatinate. The county with its population of 100,000 offers not just tourist highlights, but also numerous commercial and industrial zones with abundant room for small and medium-size companies working in a variety of fields and generating front-line technologies.


An open mind maintains international relations ...

People from more than 140 nations live and work in the Kaiserslautern region, among them about 50,000 US Americans. That makes the western Palatinate the largest American military community outside the United States.

International networks

• AGBC (American German Business Club)
• Atlantic Academy
• German-American Community Office
• Twin towns
• Sponsorships
• Europa direct Information Centre
• NATO Music Festival


... and is on the winner’s side in the competition for the world’s smartest brains

Kaiserslautern is a young, dynamic, and cosmopolitan city: 17,500 students from 80 nations receive a high-quality, future-oriented education at the University of Kaiserslautern and the technologyoriented University of Applied Sciences. The University continues to confirm its top position by obtaining outstanding scores in various rankings.