Living in KL

KL and Me - IF - Impact and Feeling!

Sundar: Professor of India's Premier Institution - IIT MadrasSundar: Professor of India's Premier Institution - IIT Madras

KL (the Kaiserslautern), not only for me for many aspiring Indians, is  considered as a Vibrant Technology City, Land of Happenings, Land of  Multiculturals and of course it is again KL (Knowledge Land).

Hello! I am Sundar, a product of KL, an ardent believer of KL and a real  benificiery through KL education, came to KL twenty one years back in the year 1989 for my study in Industrial Mathematics. Since then on I never turned back. Seeing the electrifying technlogical growth of KL over two decades, I am totally convinced that it's a amazing place and a wonderful  place to grow with.

Twenty years before KL was not a known point across India but now the KL, among students community in India, is very popular for Higher Education in Engineering and Technology. Thanks to Prof.Neunzert who has contributed a lot to show the light of KL among Indian audience.

No doubt TU Kaiserslautern, the Prepark, Fraunhofer Institutes of KL, Max Plank Institutes of KL and Many Top New Research Institutes brought KL to a visible point and to a visible height - so KL is place for Education and a place for Investment. Once KL was popular for Pfaff machines and now KL is  popular for Higher Education, Cutting Edge Research and Technological Investments.

What I am today, Professor of India's Premier Institution - IIT Madras, Having got rich working experience from some of the finest research Institutes of India - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and IIT Kharagpur, is all due to the KL effect and experience!

Not only Me, My wife (Sreemathi) and My daughter (Subashini) always feel KL at our heart and for us It is a Home away from Home! This is a true feeling for almost all KL Indian Alumni!

Once Connected to KL, KL Always Keeps you Connected! - That is the Impact.



Ideal conditions for a perfect work-life balance

Factors speaking for the Kaiserslautern business region range from infrastructural advantages and the close proximity to universities, scientific  institutes and research facilities to aspects you would sooner expect to find in a travel catalogue: a variety of shopping facilities, assorted cultural offerings, attractive sports and recreational facilities, and plenty of nature …

Outdoor fun in the middle of nature

Whether your employees want to relax and recharge their batteries by hiking, inline-skating, geo-coaching, jogging, mountain-biking, or climbing is a matter of personal taste. Our region offers opportunities for all of these activities and plenty more – some even right outside their home or office. Nothing beats the quality of life when you work where others vacation – in Germany’s largest nature park, the Palatinate Forest–Northern Vosges international biosphere reserve.

Family-oriented and merry-making – Kaiserslautern, the little big city

As a city of schools, stages, and museums, music, parks and football, Kaiserslautern certainly is a family-friendly town: Japanese Garden and Volkspark, Horticultural Show and zoo, Stadtpark and Fritz Walter stadium, swimming pools and ice rink, Pfalztheater and museums stand for diversity. And the larger region also holds many attractions for professionals and scientists who want to move here with their families. To ensure that your  staff will soon feel at home in and around the Barbarossa town, a special network – the ZiRKL – awaits you and, of course, there is the proverbial openness of the local people. Which you can experience firsthand at one of the many festivals, such as the Altstadtfest, the big summer party in the historic part of town …