High level German delegation visits Technopark

18.01.2011 | TECHNOPARK

A 5 member high level delegation from KAISERSLAUTERN Germany visited Technopark on 17th . The team is led by the Lord Mayor of Kaiserslautern Dr Klaus Weichel.

Prof Dr Rombach, an authority on Embedded Software of Fraunhofer Institute who is part of the delegation delivered a talk on   "Embedded systems" in Travancore Hall.  Students from IIITM-K and professionals from companies attended the Seminar.
Dr Weirner Weiss head of Insiders Technology who provide  innovative products and solutions for intelligent document processing and optimization of business processes was also a part of the team and Dr Wierner interact ed with some of the IT companies based in Technopark  for business collaboration at Malabar Hall.

Dr Lars Weichel , head of BASF Europe one of the biggest firms dealing with pest control was also be part of the team and Dr Lars Weichel interacted with officials from Trivandrum Corporation dealing with public health and specialists from  Agricultural College, Vellayani.

Mr Michael Wenk, Managing Partner of PrePark Kaiserslautern who was the chief coordinator made a presentation on the Pre Park in Kaiserslautern and spoke about the collaboration that Indian companies can have with German companies based in Kaiserslautern.Pre Park will be setting up a virtual office in Infopark for which a MOU was signed in March 2010 in Kaiserslautern.

Mr Mervin Alexander, CEO, Technopark, welcomed the Lord Mayor and the delegates and gave an overview of the Kerala's IT developments.  Mr M Vasudevan, Senior Manager (Business Development) made a brief presentation on Technopark.

The delegation also met with the Worshipful Mayor of Trivandrum  Adv Chandrika and Secretary Shri Biju IAS and exchanged views. The Trivandrum Mayor enquired  and discussed about waste disposal in German towns.Lord Mayor of Kaiserslautern invited Worshipful Mayor of Trivandrum to visit Kaiserslautern.

The delegation also visited Kerala State IT Mission and met with Smt Ishitha Roy, Director and other team members of IT Mission and Akshaya.